Timetabling and Room Booking

Please note, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the web room booking (WRB) system will remain closed to all but a few designated staff managing specialist spaces.

Meeting Space

The default position is that, no in-person meetings will take place, therefore, the WRB system will continue to stay closed. If there is a business critical reason why an in-person meeting should take place, staff should contact the room bookings team. A risk assessment must be completed prior to this.

Teaching Space

Teaching space will not be released for adhoc booking via the WRB. This is to ensure that teaching space is prioritised for teaching activities and to maintain a safe, socially distanced environment, for teaching.

External events

Events attracting external attendees will be managed by the conference office in collaboration with the rooms booking team. Staff wishing to organise these type of events should contact the conference office in the first instance.

Student Societies

Student societies will not be able to use the WRB to make bookings. LUSU will be managing these booking requests on behalf of societies. More information on this can be found here.