iCalendar feeds are files in the standard .ics format that can be added as a read only calendar alongside your personal calendar in applications such as Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar. You can then use overlays to combine calendars and manage your appointments. Some applications can also use this file to create and send a daily reminder email/SMS with your events for the coming day. Lancaster University provides the following iCalendar feeds for staff, students and societies to opt into if they wish

Data Protection

All Lancaster University iCalendar feeds are open access, this means a number of services can use them. You may publish a personal feed URL to others (e.g. friends, family or society members) for them to use if you are the owner of the feed. Every effort has been made to exclude personal information from personal feeds so that individuals cannot be identified from the data. Lancaster University cannot accept responsibility for any 3rd party sites you share your feed with.

iCalendar feeds may not display recent changes immediately due to delays in synchronization. Users are responsible for checking their own calendar feeds and making sure they are up to date.

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